Welcome to Ace Equestrian!

Ace Equestrian is a manufacturer, supplier & exporter of saddlery, horse rugs, horse clothing and other equestrian products & accessories from Kanpur, India.

The horse & equestrian products manufacturing range includes saddler’s products like saddle pads, head collars, bridles, reins, breast girths, martingales and equestrian product accessories like horse clothing, rugs, blankets etc.

We at Ace Equestrian assure you of the highest standards, competitive prices and adherence to delivery schedules for Equestrian Products. Our saddlery & horse equestrian products can be sourced by horse owners, equestrian stable owners and various horse and equestrian related business worldwide.

The Saddlery and Equestrian products manufacturing unit is equipped with the latest state of the art machinery ensuring the best and uniform quality. We have the capability of manufacturing customized equestrian products for individual horse & equestrian products buying customers as well.